ISS Discovery School: Summer 2021 is here!

Iconic female pilot, Amelia Earhart; the trailblazer of voyages, Christopher Columbus; brilliant scientist, Albert Einstein and pioneer of computer programming, Grace Hopper. These renowned historical figures made remarkable discoveries as part of their lifework in their areas of expertise.

Paying homage to these inspiring pioneers of discovery, ISS Discovery School: Summer 2021 welcomes aspiring young discoverers onboard our journey of exploration and learning! Dive into the areas of Language, STEM, Arts and Sports through our holistically designed programmes that are customised to suit the learning needs of learners across the ages of 4 to 16.

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Our courses are holistically designed to last a week and each week provides different activities and challenges under an overarching theme for all age groups and all programmes. So even if you pick the same Discovery programme for multiple weeks, the topics evolve and are guaranteed to pique your interest!

Upon joining us here in ISS Discovery School: Summer 2021, participants will receive a set of t-shirts that they can wear during the course and for them to bring back home!

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Theme Celebration of Nations Adventure Land Climate Warriors Mission Impossible
Date 28 June – 2 July 5 July – 9 July 12 July – 16 July 19 July, 21 July – 23 July

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Earhart’s Aviators
(4-6 years old)
Columbus’ Crew
(7-10 years old)
Einstein’s Explorers
(11-13 years old)
Hopper’s Heroes
(14-16 years old)

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For enquiries, please contact our Discovery School Coordinator at or call +65 6939 6120.