Frequently Asked Questions for ISS Discovery School: Summer 2020

(1) When will ISS Discovery School: Summer 2020 commence?

ISS Summer School Discovery takes place from 29 June to 24 July 2020. 

Based on weekly participation from Monday to Friday, students can enrol for a duration between 1 week to 4 weeks. Choose from a variety of interesting programmes from each morning and afternoon session for hands-on experiences in language, creative arts & crafts, performing arts, science & technology, and sports.

Week 1:  29 June – 3 July

Week 2: 6 July – 10 July

Week 3: 13 July – 17 July

Week 4: 20 July – 24 July

AM Session: 9:00am — 12 noon

PM Session: 1:00pm — 4:00pm

(2) Which level should my child join?

We offer programmes for the following Age Range:  4 — 18 years old

Almost all programmes are conducted according to specific age groups:

Earhart’s Aviators: 4-6 years old

Columbus’ Crew: 7-10 years old

Einstein’s Explorers: 11-13 years old

Hopper’s Heroes: 14-18 years old

A few programmes may be combined for younger students (4-10 years) and older students (11-18 years) to accommodate demand.

For language programmes, upon further observation we may move a student to a different age group or level based on their level of understanding. We will only adjust students to classes where they are likely to benefit the most. Please contact us with any concerns.

(3) What is the programme for ISS Discovery School Summer 2020?

The programme is organised into 4 main components across the morning and afternoon sessions. Morning sessions are predominantly focused on Language Discovery with an alternative option for STEM Discovery or Arts Discovery. Afternoon sessions offer a diverse range of programmes from Arts Discovery, STEM Discovery, and Discovery Adventures.


Language Discovery programmes are primarily in the morning session, and are focused on helping students explore new ways that language can help them communicate and express themselves effectively. The ESL (English as a Second Language) programmes are suitable for students who are acquiring English and hope to build stronger reading and speaking abilities. The Creative Story-Telling and Creative Language programmes will guide our advanced and native English speakers to explore creative expression in various genres of writing and interactive play.

The full-day, 4-week session for Intensive English Language will cater to 14-18 year-old Hopper’s Heroes who are committed to improving their English language skills.

In the afternoon, young students will also be able to discover their passion for Mandarin in the Chinese Language Discovery programme. Like its morning English Language programme counterpart, the afternoon Chinese Language programme will help us become more fluent in our writing, reading, speaking and listening skills and become more confident Chinese Language communicators.


Arts Discovery programmes are very hands-on and active explorations of creativity and expression. Young artists may choose a hands-on exploration of painting, jewellery making, paper mâché, and other crafts; older artists will enjoy photography, painting, sculpting, and more! In addition to the creative arts, any artist with a flair for drama may also choose a performing arts course that includes singing, dancing, exploring new instruments, and theatrical performance.


Encouraging awareness of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), our STEM Discovery programmes offer hands-on experiences and introductions to the world of science through toy making and building water rockets, and discover science and engineering concepts through experiments! Older students will combine creativity and technical skill to build dino-bots and autonomous vehicles through robotics, mastering new skills in design and programming!


Discovery Adventures are available every afternoon and are custom developed for all age groups. Students will have fun playing a variety of exciting games while gaining coordination skills for improved balance and agility, motor skills, fitness, body control, and spatial awareness. Each day offers new games and sports!

(4) When can I enrol for Summer School 2020?

As some classes have a maximum enrolment, it is recommended that you enrol as soon as possible to secure a seat for your child. Upon completion of the Registration on our website, you will receive an email confirming registration with payment made. If your class is cancelled, we will inform you early enough to either choose another class or receive a refund.

(5) What happens if my programme is cancelled?

Programme cancellations rarely occur. In the event that a chosen programme is cancelled, we will provide alternative choices to adjust your enrolment. We will do our best to accommodate all preferred programme choices.

(6) Will the classes be the same throughout all 4 weeks?

Activities are varied for each day and each week. Class names may be repeated, but the lesson plans and activities will vary. Classes may be modified depending on the number of returning students. Students who enrol for all 4 weeks will enjoy a variety of experiences.

(7) Can I select more than 1 programme per session for the week selected?

No, you may only select one programme per session, per week. For example, in Week 1, if you were to select ESL in the Morning Session, you would not be able to choose another Morning Session language programme that week. The week-long immersion in any programme provides stability and allows the student to gain better understanding of the class material.

(8) Where do I register and make payment?

Register through our website: https://issdiscoveryschool.com/summer2020. Payment can be processed at the end of Registration to confirm Enrolment.

(9) Who do I contact if I experience technical difficulties during Registration?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience difficulties: discoveryschool@iss.edu.sg or +65 6939 6120. We will respond as soon as possible on working days.

(10) Am I allowed to register for 1 week or will I need to register for all 4 weeks?

Registration is based on a first-come basis. You may register for one week, or all four weeks. You can participate in any week of your choice if the programmes are not yet full.

Most programmes have a minimum of five students and a maximum of twenty students.

(11) Are there any courses during the weekend for students who are from overseas?

We provide academic programmes and services only during the week. Our Summer School courses are only available Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm.

(12) Can you provide additional supervision during this time?

There are no courses or additional supervision available in the evenings or on Saturday or Sunday.

(13) What do I need to bring for Summer School? Will food and snacks be provided?

Class materials will be provided. However, you may want to bring along a favourite pencil case or notepad to the morning language classes. Students should dress appropriately for the course (i.e. sports shoes for Active Adventure and Adventure Sports).

We DO NOT provide snacks. You are welcome and encouraged to pack your own mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks according to your dietary needs. Lunch arrangements are available only for students who register for full-day (morning & afternoon sessions) at an additional $50 per week. Please indicate your preference for lunch in the Registration form.

(14) What will the children do during the lunch break (if they are enrolled for the full day)?

Lunch times are supervised by teachers and administrators. After eating lunch, students may choose to play together.

Younger students (ages 4-13 years) can either bring their own lunches or they can opt for lunch provided by Summer School (at an additional $50 per week). Please indicate your preference for lunch in the Registration form. We will confirm your dietary preferences.

Older students (ages 14-18 years) may purchase their lunches from nearby food outlets (off-campus) if they wish to, but must return to the school campus by 12:45pm for the afternoon session. They can still opt for the lunch provided by Summer School (at an additional $50 per week)

(15) What if there is an accident or my child gets sick?

We have a school nurse on-campus daily throughout Summer School to provide attention for minor injuries and illness. Kindly ensure that we are provided with updated emergency contact details for a parent or guardian.

(16) Can you arrange for accommodation?

We are not able to assist with arranging accommodation as we do not have dormitory facilities. However, we are able to recommend homestay families for individual students; a list of families can be provided upon request. All of our homestay families are utilised by the school throughout the Academic Year.

If you are seeking accommodation for a family or group, we are able to suggest several convenient and affordable hotels and service apartments located nearby. You may contact them directly to make arrangements.

(17) Can you arrange for transportation?

We can arrange for bus transportation at an additional charge. Please indicate your preference in the Registration form. Our Bus Coordinator will contact you to confirm the arrangement and applicable charges.

(18) I have another question! How can I contact you?

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions or how we can assist you further. You may contact us at discoveryschool@iss.edu.sg or +65 6939 6120.