Frequently Asked Questions for ISS Discovery School: Interactive Online Summer 2020

(1) When will ISS Discovery School: Summer 2020 commence?

ISS Summer School Discovery takes place from 29 June to 24 July 2020. 

Based on weekly participation from Monday to Friday, students can enrol for a duration between 1 week to 4 weeks. Choose from a variety of interesting programmes from each morning and afternoon session for hands-on experiences in language, creative arts & crafts, performing arts, science & technology, and sports.

Week 1:  29 June – 3 July

Week 2: 6 July – 10 July

Week 3: 13 July – 17 July

Week 4: 20 July – 24 July

AM Session: 9:00am — 12 noon

PM Session: 1:00pm — 4:00pm

(2) Which level should my child join?

We offer programmes for the following age range:  4 — 18 years old.

Kindergarten to Grade 1: 4 – 7 years old
Grade 2 to 5: 8 – 11 years old
Grade 6 to 8: 12 – 14 years old
Grade 9 to 12: 15 – 18 years old

(3) What’s different this year?

Summer 2020 will be held in a virtual space entirely. This means that students can enjoy the same great content as in previous years but from the comforts of their own homes.  Courses have been carefully selected and vetted to ensure that learning outcomes can be effectively translated through a digital medium. 

(4) What does my child need to attend Summer 2020?

Students will need to ensure that at a minimum they have access to a laptop and wi-fi connection. Please also note that all courses are conducted live following the Singapore Time Zone. For certain courses, additional resources would have to be prepared. This is detailed in the course description. In any event, our summer school team will inform you of this once you have registered. 

(5) What happens if my programme is cancelled?

In the event of low enrolment numbers for a particular course, full refunds will be provided. The summer school team will inform you of this one week prior to the start of the program you have registered for. 

(6) Will the classes be the same throughout all 4 weeks?

Activities are varied for each day and each week. Class names may be repeated, but the lesson plans and activities will vary. Classes may be modified depending on the number of returning students. Students who enrol for all 4 weeks will enjoy a variety of experiences.

(7) Can I select more than 1 programme per session for the week selected?

No, you may only select one programme per session, per week. For example, in Week 1, if you were to select ESL in the Morning Session, you would not be able to choose another Morning Session language programme that week. The week-long immersion in any programme provides stability and allows the student to gain better understanding of the class material.

(8) Where do I register and make payment?

Register through our website: https://issdiscoveryschool.com/summer2020. Payment can be processed at the end of Registration to confirm Enrolment.

(9) Who do I contact if I experience technical difficulties during Registration?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience difficulties: discoveryschool@iss.edu.sg or +65 6939 6120. We will respond as soon as possible on working days.

(10) Am I allowed to register for 1 week or will I need to register for all 4 weeks?

Registration is based on a first-come basis. You may register for one week, or all four weeks. You can participate in any week of your choice if the programmes are not yet full.

Most programmes have a minimum of five students and a maximum of twenty students.

(11) I have another question! How can I contact you?

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions or how we can assist you further. You may contact us at discoveryschool@iss.edu.sg or +65 6939 6120.