Einstein’s Explorers

Course Overview

Language Discovery

Across Week 1 – Week 4 (AM & PM)
(29 June – 24 July)


In this course, our Einstein’s Explorers will focus on developing their main skills of English language development, as well as enhancing specific and individual communication skills. Join our Einstein’s Explorers as they strengthen vocabulary, develop reading comprehension, experiment with written expression, and confidently talk with our friends in English!

Creative Language

Einstein’s Explorers will learn how to write about their fantastic adventures – real or imagined! We’ll explore what is meant by a plot, and how to utilise characterisation, dialogue and chronology. Our Explorers will read short stories; discuss why some stories are exciting and others aren’t; and explore the qualities of writing techniques. By the end of our journey together, we will have: greater confidence in reading and writing short narratives; built towards a portfolio of completed works and drafts; and compiled vivid phrases and paragraphs for use in our future adventures. Come join us as we discover the essentials of great storytelling!

STEM Discovery

Unleash your child’s creativity with robotics! In these fun introductions to robotics programming, students will learn how to design and program progressively more challenging robots using Lego WeDo 2.0 and EV3. Our Explorers will discover how to use motors, sensors and other attachments to make their robots perform specific tasks and meet challenges. Whether they are designing dino-bots or autonomous vehicles, explorers will have a blast mastering new skills and bringing their creation to life!

Week 1: Celebration of Nations – Robot Olympics
(AM & PM)

29 June – 3 July

Our young explorers will work in small teams to design and build autonomous vehicles representing their chosen country. Teams will be set missions for their vehicles to perform in the shortest time possible.

Week 2: Adventure Land – Jurassic Park Robotics
(AM & PM)

6 July – 10 July

Our explorers will learn to build and program dino-bots, and working in teams, explorers build autonomous vehicles that must navigate between the dino-bots to retrieve items without toppling them over. The team that completes the most missions wins!

Week 3: Climate Warriors – Lego Robotics Smart City
(AM & PM)

13 July – 17 July

The explorers will build “electric” autonomous vehicles to navigate a small town, collecting recyclables, planting trees and protecting animals from extinction!

Week 4: Mission Impossible – Battlebots! Robotics
(AM & PM)

20 July – 24 July

In this program, our explorers will learn to design, build and program fighting robots. Teams will battle it our sumo-style, with the goal to push their opponents out of the ring!

Arts Discovery

Across Week 1 – Week 4 (AM & PM)
29 June – 24 July

Arts Explorer Senior

Are you an aspiring photographer, artist or sculptor? Explore techniques for capturing and editing photos of your adventures; develop beautiful, deep blue prints using natural materials and an ancient contact-photograph process; create collaborative art using materials found in nature; craft 3D sculptures; experiment with various types of drawing and materials. Enjoy opportunities to choose your own artistic adventure and overarching themes for different weeks!

Discover Drama Senior

If you have a flair for drama and an interest in being centre stage, the Discover Drama course is for you! In this course we’ll create a theatrical play from start to finish. Explore techniques to creating dramatic structure and performance worthy of an Oscar! Join our Einstein’s Explorers to unleash your dramatic flair!

Just Play! Senior

For those about to rock, we salute you! Whether you’re a budding rock star or simply curious to put your fingers on some instruments for the first time, this course will enable you to just start playing. As we get comfortable with instruments, we’ll explore exercises to develop playing skills as part of a group. Join our Einstein’s Explorers for a fun jam session of rock, pop, jazz, and more!

Heritage Explorers

Einstein’s Explorers will get to immerse themselves in the melting pot that is Singapore.
Discover and explore the cultural diversity that exists in harmony. Participants will visit various cultural hotspots whilst gaining an understanding of diversity!

Sports Discovery

Across Week 1 – Week 4 (PM)
29 June – 24 July

Are you ready to embark on your next big adventure? Einstein’s Explorers will find an incredible array of activities that may include rock climbing, archery, water fun, martial arts, and various adventure course tracks – all of which will be led and guided by specialists in this field. Variety is the key here and each day offers a new adventure!

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