Earhart's Aviators

Course Overview

Language Discovery

Across Week 1 – Week 4 (AM & PM)
29 June – 24 July

Earhart’s Aviators who are just beginning the exciting journey of language discovery will be motivated and encouraged to speak and interact in English. Together, we will enjoy a wide range of fun activities including art, games, puzzles, quizzes and songs designed to stretch, enhance and increase our English vocabulary.

In Week 1 (29 June – 3 July), our aviators will be exploring the English language through countries and cultures all around the world, under the theme of Celebration of Nations.

In Week 2 (6 July – 10 July), our aviators will embark on activities related to storybooks that are related to adventure and exploration, under the theme of Adventure Land.

In Week 3 (13 July – 17 July), aviators can look forward to lessons that are structured with an element of care for the environment as we enter the theme of Climate Warriors.

In Week 4 (20 July – 24 July), our aviators will be put to the test and will face intermediate language challenges under the theme of Mission Impossible.

STEM Discovery

Week 1: Celebrations of Nations – Toy Makers Workshop
(AM & PM)

29 June – 3 July

In this fun introduction to STEM, young tinkerers will explore the history and culture of countries around the world through their toys! From Chinese rattle drums & lanterns to Australian boomerangs, kids will not only experience the joy of designing and building their own toys but also learn the science behind how they work.

Week 2: Adventure Land – Planes, Trains & Automobiles
(AM & PM)

6 July – 10 July

Join us on our journey of discovery as we explore the science of transportation! Kids will have a blast building and testing planes, helicopters, parachutes, cars and more! Learners will be able to tap on their scientific skills and understand the concepts behind the wonders of automobiles and many more.

Week 3: Climate Warriors – Once Upon A Time (AM & PM)
13 July – 17 July

Journey to the Land of Far, Far Away with this STEM camp that harnesses the power of beloved children’s stories such as Hansel & Gretel, The Gingerbread Man, and The Billy Goats Gruff to introduce young learners to science and engineering concepts. Kids will have loads of fun completing eco-STEM challenges like building a DIY water filter, designing clean energy wind-powered racers, building a solar oven, and more!

Week 4: Mission Impossible – Mission STEMpossible (AM & PM)
20 July – 24 July

Young learners will have a blast undertaking exciting science and engineering challenges every day. From designing a turbo-charged chemical reaction car to blasting off water rockets, kids will have a ton of fun exploring forces and motion!

Arts Discovery

Across Week 1 – Week 4 (AM & PM)
29 June – 24 July

In Arts Discovery, our visually-creative aviators will be looking forward to various activities related to the arts – including drama, visual arts and music. Each week provides different activities and challenges under an overarching theme, so our aviators will be experiencing different learning outcomes and tons of fun!

Some activities that our aviators can enjoy are exploring new musical instruments, learn a plethora of song styles, connecting music with dance and rhythms, investing and experimenting with different artistic materials and techniques within an arts and crafts context, exploring favourite fairy tales, and working together to create our own performance! Budding thespians, musicians and artists, this is for you!

Sports Discovery

Across Week 1 – Week 4 (PM)
29 June – 24 July

In Sports Discovery, our aviators will explore a range of sports through fun activities, drills and games, based on the theme of the weeks! In addition to developing their gross motor skills and fine motor skills, cooperative activities will require our aviators to use their teamwork and communicating skills. Want to get active, meet new friends and have fun at the same time? Join this program!

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