Columbus’s Crew

Course Overview

Language Discovery

Across Week 1 – Week 4 (AM & PM)
29 June – 24 July

In this course, members of the Columbus Crew will focus on understanding their main skills of English language development, and developing confidence within their individual language needs. We will navigate specific communication skills through vocabulary building, reading comprehension, written expression, and English speaking ability.

In Week 1 (29 June – 3 July), our crew will be exploring and deepening their understanding towards English language through countries and cultures all around the world, under the theme of Celebration of Nations.

In Week 2 (6 July – 10 July), our crew will embark on adrenaline-pumping activities related to adventure and exploration, under the theme of Adventure Land.

In Week 3 (13 July – 17 July), our crew can look forward to lessons that are structured with an element of care for Mother Nature as we enter the theme of Climate Warriors.

In Week 4 (20 July – 24 July), the members of Columbus’ Crew will be put to the test and will face intermediate language challenges under the theme of Mission Impossible.

STEM Discovery

Week 1: Celebration of Nations – How to Train a Viking
(AM & PM)

29 June – 3 July

Fans of “How To Train Your Dragon” rejoice! In this fun and engaging introduction to science and engineering, aspiring dragon trainers will help Hiccup and Toothless evade ruthless dragon hunters. Kids will have fun designing a speedy Viking longship – one of the ancient world’s engineering marvels, deciphering Viking runes, engineering with wind power, exploring Viking catapults and many more! 

Week 2: Adventure Land – Pokemon Earth & Sky (AM & PM)
6 July – 10 July

Calling all aspiring Pokemon trainers! Professor Angsana, the world-famous Pokemon professor, is putting together a team to take on the Pokemon Research League. Earn gym badges by completing tasks set by gym leaders from Johto, Kanto, Alola and more, all while learning about our natural world. In this exciting STEM camp, kids will discover the science of heat and combustion, electromagnetism, buoyancy and more – Explore fire and heat with Charmander and learn how Pikachu and Magnemite work together to generate energy! Help Lapras to swim and excavate gems for Sableeye! With the help of your Pokémon partners, earn all five gym badges to call yourself a professional Pokémon Trainer! Exciting adventure awaits our aspiring Pokemon trainers!

Week 3: Climate Warriors – Earth Attacks! (AM & PM)
13 July – 17 July

A massive asteroid has collided with our Moon, knocking it out of its normal orbit and precipitating a series of natural disasters on Earth! In this program, students race against time to save the world from a series of catastrophic events. Taught by a real-life geologist and volcanologist, students will discover the science behind some of the most devastating natural disasters on our planet through fun, hands-on experiments and engaging STEM challenges. Students will have a blast – learning all about volcanoes and saving their city from a volcanic eruption, experimenting with seismometers and engineering skyscrapers to withstand a violent earthquake, discovering the relationship between climate change and hurricanes, and building a cyclone-proof home, and more!

Week 4: Mission Impossible – Escape Room (AM & PM)
20 July – 24 July

Students will undertake science or engineering challenges every day to earn clues, unlock puzzles, solve riddles and complete tasks for a real-life, immersive game experience! A great way to hone logical reasoning, problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills. Beat the clock and emerge winners of the Escape Room!

Arts Discovery

Across Week 1 – Week 4 (AM & PM)
29 June – 24 July

In Arts Discovery, our visually-creative crew will be looking forward to various activities related to the arts – including drama, visual arts and music! Each week provides different challenges and activities under an overarching theme, so our budding voyagers will be experiencing different learning outcomes and tons of fun!

Some activities that members of the Columbus’ Crew can enjoy are exploring new musical instruments, learning a plethora of song styles, connecting music with dance and rhythms, investigating and experimenting with different artistic materials and techniques within an arts and crafts context, exploring favourite fairy tales, and working together to create their own performance!

Budding thespians, musicians and artists, this course is for you!

Sports Discovery

Across Week 1 – Week 4 (PM)
29 June – 24 July

Members of Columbus’ Crew can experience a variety of active adventures that will develop motor control, locomotive skills, fitness, spatial awareness and social skills. Our passionate and dedicated coaches look forward to guiding the young learners along a fun and rewarding journey of ball skills, invasion games, adventure challenges, group activities and more! Members of Columbus’ Crew will also get to participate in various activities such as swimming, rock climbing as well!

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