Frequently Asked Questions

(1) When will ISS Discovery School – Spring School 2020 commence?
ISS Discovery School – Spring School 2020 takes place from 23 March to 3 April 2020.

  • In week 1, classes are from Monday to Friday. For Kindergarten 1 to Grade 2, the lessons take place from 9am to 12 noon. For Grades 6-10*, the lessons take place from 9am to 4pm, with an hour lunch break from 12 noon to 1pm.

  • In week 2, we offer our lessons for Grades 3-5 from 9am to 12 noon and for Grades 6-10* from 9am to 4pm daily.
*Please note that weekly enrolment is applicable to Grades 6-10.

(2) What is the programme for ISS Discovery School – Spring School 2020?
Language Immersion i.e. ELL (English Language Learner, same as English as a Second Language), is suitable for learners of the English language from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 10. This was offered at ISS Spring School 2019 and ISS Summer School 2019 and proved to be very useful to the students who attended.

(3) Will I have to register for the full one-week for the ELL (Kindergarten 1 – Grade 2 AND Grades 3-5) classes and full two-weeks for ELL (Grade 6-10) ?
Yes, attendance is by weeks for all the classes offered at ISS Spring School 2019.
Our classes are capped at a comfortable size of 15 students per class to ensure a productive learning environment, and so we do encourage early registration, especially since this is on a first come first served basis.

(4)Will the ELL classes be the same throughout the two weeks for Grades 6-10?
Like the ELL classes at the ISS Summer School programme, activities are varied for each week. While weekly enrolment is applicable for  Grades 6-10, students are encouraged to sign up for all two weeks to have the benefit and opportunity to discover a variety of experiences AND maximise progress in the English language.

(5)What if I am not sure which level the student should register for?
Classes are conducted in accordance to Grade level groups, as listed below.

  • Kindergarten 1 to Kindergarten 2
  • Grade 1 to Grade 2
  • Grade 3 to Grade 5
  • Grade 6 to Grade 10

(6) When should I enrol for ISS Spring School?
As soon as possible, in order to secure a place as the classes have a maximum enrolment. You will receive an email confirming registration of the student once you have completed the registration form and made payment on our website.

Registration closes at 12 noon, Singapore time at these dates:
20 March 2020:
– ALL Classes (K1-G2) offered in Week 1
– Intensive English Language Classes (G6-G10) offered from Week 1 to Week 2
27 March 2020:
– ALL Classes (G3-G5) offered in Week 2

(7) What do I need to bring for ISS Spring School? Will food and snacks be provided?
Class materials will be provided, however you may want to bring along a pencil case or notepad to the language classes. We DO NOT provide snacks; you may wish to pack your own. Lunch is available only for students who register for the full day (morning & afternoon sessions), at an additional $50 per week. Please indicate your requirement in the Registration Form.

(8) What do the children do for lunch, if they are enrolled for the full day?
Lunch times are supervised. Students can either bring their own lunches or we can assist to make the provision. If you would like lunch arrangements to be made, please indicate accordingly in the Registration Form. Please ensure that you accurately fill out any dietary restrictions in the application form.

(9)What if there is an accident or my child gets sick?
We have First-Aid certified staff on hand during the ISS Spring School period for any attention required for minor injuries. Please ensure that you provide us with a Singapore based emergency contact numbers for parents/guardian.

(10) Where do I register and make payment?
You may register and pay online through this link.

(11) Can ISS arrange for accommodation?
We are not able to assist with accommodation arrangement, as we do not have dormitory facilities. However we are able to recommend homestay families to students. We can provide you with this list on request. All of them are being used throughout the year and therefore very recommendable. If you are seeking accommodation for a family, we could suggest conveniently located hotels and service apartments.
Alternatively, you may also want to contact our partner boarding house at for accommodation needs.

(12) Are there classes during weekends for students who are from overseas? Can you provide additional supervision during this time?
No, we are a school service and operate only during school days and hours.

(13)Can ISS arrange for transportation?
We can arrange for bus transportation, at an additional charge. Please indicate your requirement in the online Bus Transportation Form. Our bus coordinator will contact you to confirm the arrangement and applicable charges.
For more details with regards to bus transportation, please view the Bus Transportation FAQs.

(14) I have another question!
You may contact us at or +65 6939 6120. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible on a working day.