Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What is the processing lead-time for my application should I decide to subscribe to the bus service for my child?
Please allow 5 working days for processing the applications.

(2) Can I pay the school bus fee by instalment?
No. Payment for school bus services must be made in full at point of confirmation.

(3) What happens if my residing address is not near or along any of your existing bus routes?
We will try our best to place your child on one of our bus routes. In the event we are definitely unable to do so, we would let you know early for you to seek an alternative option.

(4) Can we request for specific times for pick up and drop off?
Bus routes are planned according to the most logical way possible. We are unable to accede to requests for specific timings but we can assure parents that the maximum travelling time for any student on a single trip should not exceed 1 hour 15 minutes with normal road traffic condition.

(5) Can parent or guardian take the school bus with their child?
Parents will NOT be allowed to take the school bus with their child for security and safety reasons.

(6) How does the bus attendant identify the parent or authorised guardian to handover my child?
The bus driver or bus attendant is given a student list for the particular bus route together with the relevant information of the parent or guardian provided to the school for verification and communication purposes.

(7) What should I do if my child is not taking the bus on the following day?
The parent or guardian should contact the transport office either by email the day before or call the transport office before 8.30pm the night before.

(8) Can I get another adult (friend/neighbour or another parent) to pick up my child if I (the parent) or authorised guardian is unable to pick up the child?
The school will not release the student to non-authorised personnel without prior notification and identification of the alternative adult.

(9) Where is the pick-up & drop-off point?
The transport office will determine the common pickup & drop-off location after site inspection and inform parents accordingly prior to the start of the Spring School program.

(10) What can I do if my child is late and cannot make it to the pick-up location on time?
To ensure that all other riders of the bus are pick-up on time, all riders must be at the pick-up or drop-off location 5 minutes before the stipulated time. The bus will stop for not more than 3 minutes at each designated stop. If the student cannot make it to the location 5 minutes before or within the 3 minutes, the parent or guardian should contact the bus attendant to arrange to send the child to the next pick-up location or make arrangement to send the child to school at their own cost.

(11) What happen if I or my assigned guardian is unable to be at the drop-off location at the usual arrival time?
Inform the school program director or secretary officially if it is before the dismissal time. Contact the bus attendant if it is after dismissal time to make arrangement to hand over the child at another existing drop-off location.

(12) What is the procedure if I decide to terminate my subscription of the bus services for my child and can I get a refund?
As the prior commitment for the bus service is made based on your selected duration, there will be NO refund should the parents or authorised guardian decides to terminate the subscription to the service.

(13) Is my child allowed to take a different bus?
No. Students can only board the pre-arranged bus.

(14) What happens if the bus does not arrive at the stipulated pick-up location 15 minutes after the usual time?
The bus attendant will contact the affected parent or authorised guardian if the bus driver is expecting to arrive at the next pick-up location 10 minutes later than the stipulated time.

(15) What happens when the school bus breaks down?
If there is a bus break-down, the transport office will either deploy a recovery bus to pick up all the students; or the school will inform affected parents/guardian to send their children to school by taxi. The school will reimburse parents for the taxi fares incurred due to the breakdown through the transport office.

(16) Is my child insured on the bus? What kind of insurance coverage is available?
Yes, all school bus owners and operators subscribe to an insurance package for all passengers on board under the public liability insurance.

(17) Do you have a code of conduct for all the students travelling on the bus?
a. Students must fasten their seat belts before the bus takes off.
b. Students should be courteous towards the driver, bus attendants and other fellow students on board the bus.
c. A bus attendant will be present on any bus carrying Elementary School students. The students should obey the instructions of the bus attendants as they are there to ensure their safety and to assist them in getting on and off the bus.
d. Students who misbehave or disregard the rules on the bus will be disciplined by the respective Heads of School (Program Director).
e. Appropriate actions will be taken against the misbehaved student and this may include changing of the student’s seat on the bus.
f. If the student continues to misbehave, the parents will be notified to meet with the designated Administrator and School Transport Executive.
g. Further misdemeanours will result in a one-week suspension from using the bus.
h. Three suspensions will result in a ban from using the school bus services for the remainder of the semester without any refund.

(18) Are the students allowed to eat and drink in the bus?
No food or drinks are allowed while travelling on the bus.

(19) How can I provide feedback on the bus service?
All feedback on the bus services should be sent to